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Still beavering away behind the scenes but soon!

We are busy chatting and bouncing ideas off each other. Updates and general info will be coming your way soon. Not what you might expect but we’re jolly excited!


Updates on Firefly coming soon

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all well and you enjoyed that special taste of Spring yesterday. Shame it’s back to cold and grey today hey?!

We’re very much sorry for our radio silence this year and just wanted to say although it seems it’s quiet at Firefly HQ many things are brewing under the surface…

News coming soon…


Such sweet words!

We had a lovely review from Love Music News.

‘¬†Firefly has a totally different atmosphere to the commercial festivals out there, and that is where I believe they have struck gold. People take the time to speak to one another, everyone is relaxed, the vibe is chilled, the energy is electric.. ”

Thank you Love Music News!

Read more……

So that was amazing……








Thank you all so much for your support! You were all such a lovely bunch of peeps. We are so grateful to all our artists who gave it their all and it was just so much fun!

I know we had some rain but some of you might have been unaware that we had a heads-up from someone not far away warning that there was the mother of all storms on its way and we just watched it by-pass us by less than a mile.







We will start collecting photographs and stories and will share them with you all over the next couple of weeks. And then I suppose we ought to start thinking about 2013….?

Thank you again!




Running order!

Bands Time
Sophie Scott 4.00pm
Katie Emma 4.35pm
The Night 5.10pm
Tom Bradley 5.55pm
The Colour Movement 6.40pm
Carousel 7.25pm
Bruno Charles 8.10pm
The Wild Mercury Sound 8.55pm
Kyla La Grange 9.45pm
Gentle Mystics 10.55pm
MONSTA 12.00am
tbc 1.00am
DJ  Willz 2.00am